Life Changing Experiences In My Life

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There have been many painful and life changing experiences in my days, but the most unforgettable and also life changing experience was the time I was ran over by a golf cart. This story goes to show that even the most painful and troubling situations can have positive outcomes. God has a plan for everything that happens in our lives; all we need to do is go in blind and there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Trust in him, and he will take care of us. It was a cold afternoon and as my family prepared for church, my older sister decided she would very much enjoy a small ride on the golf cart that my grandparents had acquired a while back. My sister, in her most kind hearted way, asked if I wanted to travel with her on the buggy to the church early and, of course, I accepted her invitation on this luxurious offer. I scurried down the stairs, grabbed my penny loafers, ran back up the stairs, and out the door to the buggy, which was halted in the driveway with my sister waiting. After I hopped on, she pulled out of the driveway and traveled down the road on our way to church. The service was very inspiring, as always, and the knowledge that I had acquired made my day even better. As we walked out the doors of the church and headed to the buggy, I asked my sister if I could drive back to the house but, as expected, she declined. A little bit of happiness left my heart as I mumbled, ”Oh, ok. I guess I will just walk home.”
As my sister scooted to the edge of the entrance

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