Life Cycle Analysis ( Lca )

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Introduction to Life Cycle Analysis Life cycle analysis (LCA) provides a systematic evaluation of a system/industry to improve through implementing more efficient and ecological design and developmental techniques, ecological and social positive development, eliminating wastes, decreasing deleterious inputs and outputs, and pollution prevention as well as reevaluating ethical and social impacts afflicted through practices.
Taking a “less harm” approach is often the first step in evaluating the impact of a product 's life cycle on the environment beginning from the abstraction of raw materials, manufacturing, production, consumption, and ending with dematerialization. Although, “no one tool is adequate to the task of measuring
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Through the farming process, natural occurrences such as competition for food resources, predation, diseases, climate change, and reproduction are manipulated. The farming environment is controlled and regulated using various techniques dependent on the species, either fish, crustaceans, aquatic plants, and mollusks. Aquaculture involves the propagation, cultivation, and marketing of these aquatic stocks (Swann 1992) and can also include ownership, individual or corporate, of production stocks (Goldburg et al. 2001). Within the aquaculture industry there are several categories of aquaculture facilities including but not limited to concrete ponds, trays and longlines (Goldburg et al. 2001), tank systems, Earthen ponds, net pens, cages, raceways, and recirculating systems (Ramírez-Godínez et al. 2013). The production systems of these facilities range from traditional, low-intensity sustenance to highly intensive production in man-made earthen pools, freshwater, brackish, and marine environments (Pelletier and Tyedmers 2008).
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) categorizes fauna aquaculture establishments as follows:
•Finfish farming and fish hatcheries (NAICS code 112511), which finfish production (catfish (Ictalurus punctatus), trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus), tropical
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