Life Essay : The Day That Changed My Life

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The Day That Changed My Life I have had several drastic and life changing experiences throughout my life but there is one thing that made a bigger impact than others which was my father going to prison for 8 years. My dad was recently released from prison towards the end of January of 2017. I was in so little I really didn’t realize what what was going or what he had done to get himself there. Till this day I still don’t really know why. While my dad was gone a lot had gone on with my mom that had really changed my life too. When I was first born my mom and dad has split up and my mom moved to California and met up with one of her old friends from high school. My dad was also seeing another woman at the time too. While all that happened my mom and dad both had kids with the people were seeing. Later on my mom and dad had got back together. My sister had always grew up knowing and thinking my dad was her dad but when my mom and dad had split again they told her that that was not her father.
My mom started talking and seeing that guy again while my dad was in prison. Little did me and my sister knew my mom was seeing him though, we went to Jerome everyday and ended up staying the night most nights. I honestly had a lot of fun being over there though because my sisters siblings were mine as her cousins were mine till this day they still consider me as family. This was all going on while my dad was locked up.
My dad would still try and contact my sister and I. He would

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