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My Sweaty-Lifesaving Job
On a Saturday morning, I arrive at the pool in my Honda, Bessie, the parking lot has a scarce amount of cars, filled with overjoyed kids, but that will all change very soon. While I walk into the locked up cell, the pool has steam rising from its equator, inviting me to jump right in. Throughout my stroll towards the pool, I spot the robocop roaming in the water picking up all of the dirt and leaves in its path. As I lift the robocop out of the water, I see all of the victims lying inside of the vacuum bag waiting for their death sentence into the trash can. After I test the pool’s chemicals, I add a jug of chlorine to kill all of the bacteria and neutralize the water. Once I unlock the rest of the doors, Jackie rolls up in her deep water blue vehicle, and she looks very sluggish and walks with a: “I don’t want to work” manner. It’s 10:00 AM.
Right on time, our regular shows up to be the first one to test the waters of the pool. Pam, a very old lady that tries to swim laps, but actually doggy paddles, is abnormally content to swim at 10 today. Her family is coming into town today because it is her 72nd birthday on Sunday, and it will be the very first time that her family has been together in seven years. As she slowly lets her cover up slide down her body, Pam dips her foot in the water to watch the rings of water disperse throughout the whole pool. Pam’s bright red suit has turned to a burgundy color, due to her suit soaking up the frostbitten

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