Essay about Life Hated Mary Grace

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Small drops of rain fell from the gray clouds outside the funeral home window. How fitting. This is the perfect weather for a funeral, isn’t it? Gloomy, dark, you name it. It didn’t matter though. No one was affected by the sound of the rain. Nobody cared. Everybody, including me, was too busy missing Margaret Grace. If only Margaret Grace was still here. She loved the rain because there would always be a rainbow after. She was a happy person. Wow, I have to use the word “was” now, don’t I? Her smile used to spread like wildfire; everybody else would smile too. She had a natural glow. Every time she walks into the room, all the attention would be directed to her. She was loved by everyone, judging by the amount of people who came and …show more content…

The biggest change was her smile. Before, her smile would be on her face all the time, but then her stunning smiles would appear less and less. Soon, there wasn’t a smile at all. Every time I visited her at the hospital, I would find her looking out the window. It’s the same view everyday, so I don’t know why she keeps looking out there. Nothing changes outside that window for the most part. I would visit her five times a week, and each time I see her, sadly, she looks more and more dead, which is clearly not a good thing. Her skin started to become translucent, her breathing became raggedy as if it hurt, her limbs were becoming thin and bony as if she didn’t eat, and it was as if that only her body was alive, not her soul. She let the illness come and take her; she let herself become the illness. At that point in time, a smile was very rare, so I tried to tell her the funniest stories and cheerful stories from school. Every time her soft, tinkling laugh filled the air—which wasn’t often—I would feel as if there would be hope that she would come back to school with good health and be herself again, but that was just a wish of mine. There was one day in particular that I will never forget. It was a rainy Wednesday and as usual, I would go to the hospital and visit her. Usually, when I knock on the door and open it, she’s looking outside the window. That certain day, however,

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