The Political Aspects Of Cuba. The Political Part Of The

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The Political aspects of Cuba
The political part of the country of Cuba is known as a Communist State that is ran by General Rual Castro. Since 1965 Cuba has been under a Communist Party of Cuba called Partido Comunista De-Cuba (PCC). There are twenty four members of the political bureau of the central committee of the communist party of Cuba. These people make the decision for Cuba. Cuba’s court system is made up of four different parts. The 1st is Peoples Supreme Court, 2nd is Provincial Courts, 3rd is Municipal Courts and the 4th is Military Courts. The Peoples Supreme Court is made up of 5 chambers (Criminal, Civil and Administrative, Labor, State Security and Military). All 4 of the courts are controlled by Minister of Justice. ”In …show more content…

This has been recently changed do to the Obama administration. They use oil and fuel for most everything which comes from Venezuela. Fuel for their cars and other transportation is controlled by the government, it never changes in price. Cuba’s economy is weak by not as weak as some other countries. The average income for a Cuban is a little over $5,000 but take home is $20
Cuba’s Military break down. Cuba has an Army, Airforce and Navy. The breakdown of the army is known as Revolutionary Armed Forces. They are broken down to three different parts. They have the Eastern, Central and Western. They based in their respected areas of the Island. They have combat and supply units. The structure they have is “brigades, regiments and infantry, tank, artillery and air defense battalions”. (THE REVOLUTIONARY ARMED FORCES, 2010 ) Cuba has their version of a special forces that trained in a valley in Pinar Del Rio Mountains. The Special Forces are around 25,000 strong and the regular army has an active front line of about 90,000. The weapon capability is Tanks is only around 50 or so, Armored Fighting Vehicles is about 2,000, Artillery is 250 pieces, their version of MLRS or Multiple launching rocket system they have about 100. The Cuban Airforce also known as Revolutionary Air and Air Defense Force. They around 250 MIG’s which do to money lack thereof maybe 130 are in
Service today and of those 20 or 30 are combat

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