Life Is A Sum Of All Your Choices

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Albert Camus said "Life is a sum of all your choices". Camus exemplifies this statement in his short story, "The Guest". In "The Guest", Daru , a round character, allows a murderer to make a choice that will impact both their lives. Daru thinks and acts in such a way that seems contradictory to what is required of him. The story begins when a French schoolmaster, Daru, is instructed by Baladucci, a gendarme, to turn in the Arab, a murderer, to prison. Daru refuses, but the responsibility of the Arab is laid upon him. In the end, Daru gives the Arab the choice to choose freedom or imprisonment. Moreover, the Arab chooses imprisonment. In "The Guest", Camus uses irony to display the complexity in Daru’s character.

The location where Daru lives partially describes his character. Camus describes the area when Baladucci and the Arab journey to the schoolhouse, “They had not yet tackled the abrupt rise leading to the schoolhouse built on the hillside. They were toiling onward.....on the vast expanse of the high, deserted plateau" (Camus 1). Daru knew that this “region was cruel” but “everywhere else, he felt exiled” (Camus 2). It is ironic to see that an isolated area is where he felt most comfortable yet he is alone. Steven G. Kellman adds that "The only bond that he feels is, ironically, with the vast, forbidding landscape that remains indifferent to the human beings who put in brief appearances"( 1). It can be assumed that Daru prefers isolation because of
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