Life Is Beautiful Analysis

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Movie Critic Life is Beautiful In the mid 1900 a Jewish man by the name of Guido Orefice(Roberto Benigni) arrives in Arezzo, Italy to open a bookshop. In the meantime in order to make ends meet he works as a waiter under the watch of his uncle. During a party at his uncle’s hotel Guido accidently crosses Dora, a beautiful school teacher, over the course of the party Guido falls in love with Dora, whom he calls "princess"(princess) and charms her by randomly popping up at unpredictable times. As usual Guido randomly pops up at Dora’s engagement, He stalls time by disguising himself as a waiter at the engagement. He does the most unusual things which makes her laugh. During the engagement party she dumps her fiancé, and chooses to marry Guido and he whisks her away on a green horse(inside joke with Dora’s fiancé) and they disappear into the night. This was was great movie, because it shows the story of a man who lives in one of the most tragic times in history, ( world war two) who is trying his best to make the best of the war and he keeps a positive mind by running around and be as adorable as humanly possible."Life is Beautiful" is just as complex as its title. Just as I said, a lot of this is supposed to be set in a concentration camp. Fast Forward, The film jumps into the war's(WWII) last months. Dora and Guido have a child, Giosué(Joshua)(Giorgio Cantarini), For the next five Guido and Dora and their child live a blissful life in Guido’s uncle, Eliseo Orefice

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