Life Is Filled With Many Decisions. Most Daily Decisions

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Life is filled with many decisions. Most daily decisions don’t matter too much. However, some carry more weight, like flipping a coin. Sink or swim, jump or die. Moments where your life is hanging in the balance based on a split second decision. Before my first split second decision, I enjoyed little things like the smell of rain. At fifteen, my motivation for having fun could have easily taken my life.
One beautiful, sunny spring day in Draper City, my friends and I decided that to slough our school assembly. Assemblies were so terribly boring anyway, I am sure we would have fallen asleep trying to sit through it. Instead, Jon, Riley, and I decided to hop in our friend Kathy’s car and drive up Corner Canyon. The spring flowers had just …show more content…

I reached my hand up to touch my face. Blood was dripping from a large open hole on my forehead just below my hairline. My head was so swollen and filled with debris, it felt like there was an Easter egg on my forehead. I was pretty banged up, but still too in shock to notice. I had to find my friends.
Just then, I heard a voice calling my name, “Travis, you’re bleeding! We’ve gotta get outta here!” John exclaimed.
I was still in shock; the pain had not hit me yet. I looked around and made eye contact with Riley. He looked scared by was laughing at the same time. “Where the hell is the car? We’ve gotta find Kathy, I jumped and thought she’d jump too,” said Riley.
John and Riley ran down the hill to see where the car was. To our amazement, they found it wedged at the base of the only tree on the edge of a thirty-foot drop off! Kathy was shaken up, but alive. She had simply laid across the front seats of the her car. The four of us decided to walk down to John’s house, some three miles down the mountain. Back then there were no cell phones, and we were in the middle of nowhere. As we walked on the side of the road, the many passing motorists gave us some very strange looks. I am sure they were wondering what had happened to a bunch of beat up looking teenage kids with dirt, sand, blood, and torn up clothes. After a few hours I was finally able to get a ride home. It took a while for my neighbors to

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