Life Like For Children In The Middle Ages

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What was life like for children during the middle ages and how did it affect them.

What was life like for children during the middle ages and how does that compare today, what improvements were made.What were the lifestyle and health for children like in the middle ages.Did the education more effective back then.How hard were children working and playing in the middle ages.

Education for children.Since education was not compulsory by law in England until the 19th century we tend to think that people in the Middle Ages were unable to read or write.“Education for children in the Middle Ages was mostly done by word of mouth from parents to children. Only wealthier families had the money for any sort of formal education. This form of schooling consisted of learning to read and write in the child’s native language and Latin.”Most children learned to read, either at home, in church schools, or town schools.Girls also learned to read at home or were sent to nunneries( a building or group of buildings in which nuns live). For most it was a cases of the children teaching what they learned in school to their parents at home. Hornbooks were also used to teach the alphabet(also used for spanking naghty children).

Lifestyle and health for children.Health for kids in the Middle Ages was horrifying by the poor hygiene of a period and the lack of basic medical knowledge like how to treat an infection. The Middle Ages was devastating from the Black Death which killed nearly 60% of

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