Life Modification For Community Leaders

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This reflection paper is the clear picture of the knowledge I gained from the course “Lifestyle Modification for Community Leaders. At the time of registration of my courses for this semester I opted this course with a hope of change in my life. As the student’s life is tough especially when you should work along with your studies. The pressure of studies and work is very challenging for the students. This course helped me to fight with this situation. Basically, the course is all about the modifications of the lifestyle that every person has opted in their life. The course not only focuses on life modification but also illustrates different methods to prevent and cure several diseases. This course introduced me with
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After going through all the articles, I was eagerly waiting to attend the first lecture of this course. In the first lecture of this course, I got a feeling that everything is going to change. The meditation of 5 minutes in the beginning of the lecture filled me with a positive vibe and a lot of energy. The connection between body and soul was explained in a simple and beautiful manner by the professor. The vibrational medicine and its effects on the body astonished me.
Further, the professor discussed about the various forms of CAM and gave me and the other students, an opportunity to explore about any one form of CAM, write a paper on it and present it to the whole class. During the course, various methods of alternative medicine that were presented in the class are meditation, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, guided imagery, yoga, reiki, hydrotherapy and many more.
According to me, it is a system of concentration or distraction of human mind and body used to reach a higher level of awareness, physical performance, concentration or relaxation generally created from an internal source. The meditation can be practiced for stress management, anger management, control over anxiety, improved awareness and improvement of cognitive skills. To meditate, first find a quite area, then sit cross legged, back
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