Life Of A Blessed And Faithful Man By J. Gerald Janzen Essay

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The Book of Job dives into the life of a blessed and faithful man in which his life takes an unsuspecting turn. From the loss of property and loved ones, to only be accused of wickedness by friends as the explanation of this calamity that has befallen Job. Author J. Gerald Janzen, whose personal struggle has opened a corridor that creates a connection with the life of Job takes us on a walk with Job through his journey from prosperity, to loss and bitterness then into the presence of God. At the Scent of Water will open our mind to the possibility of hope and grace to anyone who has gone through suffering in the past or is going through times of difficulty in the presence.
The author uses distancing strategy to enable the engagement of the exilic and postexilic community. To highlight the two biblical paradigms for divine human-relationship, clan-personal and cosmic-political associated to Abraham and Moses that is evident the history of Israel. The text also plays out the argument between Job and friends within the Mosaic paradigm. The text also identifies the elements of the ancestral paradigm as reflected in the introduction of the name and themes of Shadday. We also see the paradigm of clan religion is primary in the book of job. With references to the two domains of human experience, the familial and the political and the associated models of religious understanding come together in Job’s oath to give healing and ease of pain. The text also provides a reflection on

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