Life Of A Struggling Peruvian Family

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Forced to live in a society not of their own choosing, author Daniel Alarcon presents the life of a struggling Peruvian family as they aim to return to their happiness and freedom, while simultaneously striving to survive in the land they call home. Throughout the story, the family adamantly seeks to remain in contact with the oldest son, Francisco, through various avenues, including letters and postcards. One distinct gift they attempt to send him is a necktie. On account of the simplicity of the object, many readers may assume there to be no real significance to the necktie for Francisco; however, upon further analysis, the reader can conclude the tie is a symbol of the family’s endeavor to salvage their hold on both Francisco and the United States of America. Nostalgic memories, problematic jealousy, and political corruption all show the reader the struggle of the family as they strive to do what is best for Francisco, even if they in turn must suffer.
Before the birth of Francisco and Nelson, their parents, striving to create a better life, decided to settle in Baltimore, Maryland for work. Not only were there more opportunities for the two of them in America, including government aid, but “Baltimore [also] reenergized them” (65). The opening paragraph explains the impact Baltimore had on his parents, including having a child with “a blue First World passport” (65). Having a child born in America overshadowed any other issue they may have faced, including, “shattered car

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