Life Of Ethiopia Vs Life During The Usa

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Life in Ethiopia vs life in the USA Did you ever visit Ethiopia and observed peoples’ life there? Life in Ethiopia is completely different from life in the USA. There are many difficulties in Ethiopia and some of them are poverty, education and health are some of the problems. Even though there are some problems in America they are not like the problems in Ethiopia. Majority of the people in Ethiopia are suffering from poverty. In Ethiopia there is no enough food and people cannot feed their families easily. All of these poverty problems are related to backward agriculture and drought. Agriculture is one of the basic source of food and people depend on the agricultural products in Ethiopia, but it is very back ward and farmers are still using oxen and horses to cultivate the land. This is why farmers cannot produce enough and their work is from hand to mouth. Agriculture in Ethiopia depends on the rain, therefore if there is no enough rain there is no enough food. These are some of the agricultural problems in Ethiopia. I believe education, is very important thing to break the cycle of poverty and make people life easier but in Ethiopia lack of enough and quality education facilities, shortage of highly qualified teachers and lack of a job after graduation made people life difficult more than anyone can imagine. In Ethiopia, there is a shortage of quality built schools all over the state. In rural part of the state, the schools are built far kilometers away from where

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