Life Of Manor Research Paper

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A manor was a piece of land that was given to a vassal by a lord that the vassal lived on and received incentives from. A manor would have specific buildings and requirements in order for it to be successful. Manors contained either one or more villages. The village had peasant house, small business buildings like a mill or a brewery, and sometimes the lord's house was in the village(Cels, Marc 4). People are mostly live in the countryside to make their life easier if they are farmers(Cels, Marc 5). Farmers that were peasants would have strips of land in each field to grow their crops on(Cels, Marc 7). The manor also had fields, meadows and woods where they grew crops to eat and sell in manor. In the woods the nobles would hunt animals like deer, wolves and …show more content…

Peasants would have to raise sheep in order to make clothes out of cloth. And they use their hides as parchment. They were also grow pigs for their meat and towels for their milk to make cheese and butter, and chickens to provide eggs and me. They would have to do all these things by hand in order to survive (Cels, Marc 13). In order to survive they would have to grow their own crops. Farmers would use different systems in order to grow the most crops throughout the year. In some parts of England they used the, The 2 field system was when farmers would let crops grow in one field. The second field was to keep fallow. The fallow field was plowed every once in awhile. They would switch the fields every year in order to have the fallow field regain its nutrients. In the three field system which was more common, one field would be planted with wheat and sometimes rye in the autumn. The second field would be planted with oats, vetches or barley in the spring. The third field would be left fallow in order to have it regain its nutrients (Bennett, H. S. 77). A manor was a self sufficient community of land that was ruled by a

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