Life Piercing Pregnancy Issues : Teratogens Essay

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Life Piercing Pregnancy Issues: Teratogens
Ever since the dawn of time, pregnancy has been an important event in the life process of women. Some may argue that the maturation of the infant is solely their responsibility. However, the carrier’s habits can influence the baby’s development significantly. Some may leave the baby unharmed, while others might cause pregnancy issues. To further elaborate this topic, the following lines will discuss the effects that teratogens may have on the baby and his life.
Alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes have always had negative consequences for the consumer. In fact, all cigarette packs across Canada have warnings about the potential proceeding side effects. Moreover, exposure to alcohol during pregnancy can cause many negative postnatal outcomes and might cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASDs). Individuals that suffer from FASDs experience life lasting behavioral, physical and cognitive disabilities. It is important to discuss the topic of teratogens in order to educate the concerned adults. Mostly everyone knows that smoking and consuming alcohol during pregnancy lead to negative outcomes, but they do not know the specific details of what may go wrong. In order to clarify such a serious matter, it is important to discuss this topic in depth. Owing to this fact, this report and facts will be based on a scholarly research article by the “US department of Health and Human Services/Centre for Disease and Control and

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