Essay on Life Pre and Post Industrial Revolution

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Life pre and post of Industrialization Life of people has gone through since the industrial revolution. Lives of people including men, women and children use to be lot different before the revolution and post revolution. The revolution helped certain people in many ways but also there were side effects which were seen in the lives and are seen post revolution. Industrialization has affected many people in particular to the lives of women and men to their way of working. The paper will focus on the different parts of the revolution and more on the life during the agrarian periods, the life post of the industrialization and how in particular affected men and women. Industrialization is known to take place in the 18th and 19th century. In …show more content…

Even in businesses, manufacturing was done through hand tools and simple machinery. Looking from today’s perspective, life use to be tough pre revolutionary period. There was no better transportation than a cart pulled by horses, there used to be no way to communicate with each other and also all women used to be housewives making food and cleaning house and taking care of everyone. Industrial revolution did change the life styles and also business in their way of working. Industrial revolution gave businesses more profit than what they use to make before the revolution. For example, the cotton plant merchants before the revolution use to weave the cotton by hands and with handmade tools. And their process used to be very slow and the profit compared to post revolution. Industrialization marked a shift to powered, special-purpose machinery, factories and mass production. After the invention of iron and textile industries, production went faster than what use to be. Life before phones and very mass communication was easier. Families used to stay together and use to have family times without the disturbance of the cell phones. Whereas, now a days in the 21st century, phones have made people to not have lot of family time and be distracted all the time. There were many inventions that were seen during the industrial revolution that helped men and women in their work. There had been lot of improvements seen not only in the tools but also in textile

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