Life Sentence For Colorado Shooter

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Catarina Varajao
Life Sentence for Colorado Shooter
Psy/Law 370-01: Psychology and Law
John Jay College

On July 20,2012 a man by the name of James Holmes entered the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and began shooting. He shot and killed twelve people and injured more than seventy. Holmes pleads not guilty by the insanity defense but does not prevail. Eleven of the jurors favor the death penalty for Mr.Holmes however; there was one juror who favored life with out parole. The trial took three years to come to a close. Holmes has schizophrenia and psychotic delusions, which the prosecution was trying to convince the jury that these disorders were the reasons for the shootings. His attorneys tried to convince the jury that Holmes had tried to figure out what exactly was going on in his brain but he could not figure it out. The prosecutors in this case showed the jury that Holmes had the whole massacre planned out. He planned out which room in the theater he would do the shooting in so he would be able to get the most deaths out of that room because it would be the most populated. He also had guns and ammunition that he was racking up for the big day. To add to all of this he even was able to estimate how long it would take the police to get to the scene of the crime after he had done the shooting giving him enough time to get away. Clearly he was in the right state of mind when he was planning all of this so proving that his schizophrenia and delusions had…
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