Life : The True Meaning And Purpose Of Life

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Some say life is a journey while others say it’s an ordeal and right in the midst of these contrasting opinions we struggle to find the true meaning and purpose of life. For good sixteen years of my life I also found myself sparing with this conundrum then one fine day I found these words in my tenth standard text book “I sought to hear the voice of God and climb the topmost steeple, but God said go down again I dwell among the people.” At that time I had no idea how these lines written by an anonymous would shape the trajectory of my life and be integrally pivotal to my career in medicine.
We make choices in our lives every day ,some of them are menial like choosing banana over apple while others are much more complicated like standing at a dealership and trying to decide what would your first car be . Regardless of the choices we make there is one sole purpose at the very core and that’s to derive pleasure and satisfaction out of it. I have always been blessed with all the exquisite choices I have made in my life but by far nothing else has given me more satisfaction than medicine. When I see patients the only thing I strive for is that little smile on their faces indicating some degree of comfort from their suffering and from roots of their little comfort I try to derive satisfaction for myself which constantly fuels my soul and helps me go above and beyond in service to humanity.
I started my clinical rotations with an open mind to every subspecialty. After long days

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