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Hailey Narloch - Lesson 5 - Assignment 2

Option 1:


Up within the sky is where you choose to fly,
The wind roaring past in adrenaline fueled excitement as you move to dive,
Coming near the ground is where you choose to cry,
Choose to hoot, to holar, and taunt as you fall toward Death’s out reaching hands.

You smile, turn away one more just as you have million times, and arch back up towards the sky,
Clinging to your life line as it carries you up and far away from angrily reaching claws,
Gravity snarls and hisses as it’s prey gets carried away,

Once again you flip and twirl past the infinite jungle of concrete towering over the ground,
And again you let loose of your line to tease the ground once more,
It’s hopeful, it’s hungry …show more content…

Life Thief

Don’t turn your back,
She holds a up weapon the moment you turn your gaze away,
Like darkness she hides where you can’t see her,
No one ever suspects,

No one realizes that like a demon, she deceives,
With a gaze soft like an angel, no one sees that she’s hunting,
You can’t hear the voices in her head, how they influence and manipulate her,
Nor the way the wind whispers your secrets into her ear, how it urge her on,

She knows you like a shepherd does his herd,
Her tools of destruction glint in excitement with every new person she chooses to be the next to be preyed upon, their harsh metals just shivering in anticipation for spilled blood,
She wants to steal your life, she wants to rip from your fingers,

She is a creature, a daughter of Death and Destruction,
Like a rejected child she yearns for her parent’s attention, her silent acts scream for recognition,
She is an animal in the way she hunts,
She is the definition of pain

She feels pain with every intention, always drunk on revenger and never sober until everything is over
But she still would never take back what she did, she disappoints like that. . . but she’s

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