Life Was Amazing And Wonderful For A Time Being

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Life was amazing and wonderful for a time being. My family was whole and put together. We had just moved into a house on Circle Road in Worland, Wyoming. I remember the house quite well before my parents had done any work to it. There were bird cages, pecked out doors, other animal cages, stains of all sorts, and holes in cracks in the walls and ceilings. It was quite the piece of work to say the least! Renovations were tedious and awful, but all the hard work would pay off in the end. Building the house up to my family’s expectations took awhile, but it was worth every second of it. Time flew by during my childhood in that house. I remember one day taking a trip over to the fish hatchery in the canyon. Other days we would spend at my grandpa’s house visiting him. We would attend as a family social events and parties. Life was pretty amazing. To say the least things were going quite well in the Boltz household. Furthermore, there were three things that changed me and my life when my dad died.
August 30th 2004. I can’t quite remember the day exactly... it was as one would call it a blur. The day my dad died was a moment of my life that would change my path forever. As a child it was hard to remember quite what happened that day. Even now I have a hard time thinking back and trying to remember that day. It didn’t seem to make sense at the time; my dad was gone but was it forever? I remember asking my mom frequently where he was and when he was coming back. I would continue to

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