Personal Narrative: My Life In Oklahoma

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I will never forget the day that my parents told me that we were leaving our farm in Oklahoma. My brother Daniel and I had spent our entire lives so far in Oklahoma and we were unaware of the problems occurring on our farm . I had noticed that our farm was struggling because my mom and dad were always arguing, but as a child I mostly ignored it. I was only concerned with what Daniel and I were going to do for entertainment that day and not much else. My parents worked long hours on our farm while Daniel and I went to school, but then the dust storms began to hit and everything changed.
The dust storms devastated our land and many times school was even cancelled because the storms were so severe. The dust storms were so intense that the dust swallowed the sun and made it seem like midnight in the middle of the day. My brother and I were always frightened when the storms hit and we boarded up our house to try and keep the dust out. I remember how it was impossible for us to keep our house clean and the dust would create drifts so high that we would have to dig our car out of the dust. At times we would spend hours boarded up in our house just waiting for the dust to
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My parents tried to provide us with everything, but with such little income it was difficult to have basic necessities such as food and shelter. We would set up a tent or sleep in our car most nights and then we would move to the next farm that had crops ready to harvest. My parents worked as migrant farmers and we moved to wherever the crops were ready. My parents worked long hours under the hot California sun and they never once complained. Daniel and I spent the long days fantasizing about a future where we were no longer struggling and we imagined the day when we could finally call a place home. We were exhausted of always moving around, but until my parents found a steady job we had to move around for
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