Life and Contributions of Stalin Essay

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1. Stalin's youth was surrounded by much violence. His father was an alcoholic who has mercilessly beaten his mother which instilled a sense of violence with in him. Once his dad left the family, he grew academically and was then invited to a Seminary. This was where he learned many of the marks teachings.

2. When he first began, he couldn't do much for the cause other then to go to prison. Each time the Tzar's police would find them and he would be arrested and thrown into exile a numerous amount of times.

3. Stalin had gotten many of his ideas from Lenin. Lenin had even given him power in the Central Committee had placed him as an editor of their newspaper Pravada. When Lenin died, Stalin spread around about how close he had been to …show more content…

Many slaughtered half their cattle just so the government wouldn't get them, they were just that outraged.

7. Five million people alone in the Ukraine died of famine due to Stalin's hand in taking all of their crop.

8. The groups that were hurt by Stalin ranged from clergy men, shopkeeper, to even ex-white army soldiers. I think these people were attacked due to their more free ideals. Shopkeepers working under capitalism, clergy men preaching, and the white army against the communist ideas.

9. Gulags are basically labor camps in which people were sent to be worked until exhausted of any energy. They were used to instill fear within the people, this kept them in line. Some people would come just because they were a couple minutes late for work and sometimes for stealing food. Some of this ofrced labor was used to build things, some being failures, but then used to woo the West.

10. At first, he allied himself with Germany but Hitler soon turned on them, bringing disaster along with a war. They had lost some land and half a million were lost in Kiev just because he would evacuate. 25 million people altogether died in WWII. Near the end, he stopped trying to intervene in the commanders work and that led them to winning.
11. He sent many of the soldiers to camps. His reasoning behind this was mainly because he thought they would revolt against him due to their viewings of Western Europe while away.

12. The Soviet Union had turned Eastern

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