Life in the Fat Lane Notes Essay

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Casey’s Notes
By: Casey Robichaud
Life in the Fat Lane- Cherie Bennett 1. Plot Synopsis
Life in the fat lane written by Cherie Bennett “offers a full measure of wisdom and hope” says Voice of Youth Advocates. It’s a wonderful story about a 16 year old girl named Lara Ardeche that has it all. Homecoming queen, great looks, an awesome boyfriend, and she’s the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She has an amazing life until she starts gaining weight. A lot of weight. Uncontrollably. Desperate to get her body back and find an explanation for her mysterious weight gain, Lara is diagnosed with a metabolic disorder called Axell-Crowne and it starts to take over her life. Soon, Lara Ardeche is living life in the fat lane. This awful disorder …show more content…

She has beautiful long blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and wears a size 2. Lara is very popular and is known as the hottest girl in Nashville High. Lara is not like the other typical popular girls. She is very sweet and is kind to everyone despite their appearance and everyone looks up to her. All this is true, until she turns into a fat monster. Lara is diagnosed with a metabolic disorder called Axell-Crowne and destroys her dreams of becoming the pageant girl she has always wanted to be. This disorder totally takes over and destroys her sweet, caring, bubbly personality and turns her into some she is not. She gets bullied a lot and it really takes a toll on her. Lara goes through a lot and ends up realizing she has to accept herself the way she is. Lara learns that life is not always fair and accept it as it comes because you cannot change the cards you’re dealt with. Ever.

Molly Sheridan- Molly Sheridan is Lara’s best friend. Molly is very brave, nervy, and hilarious. Some people call her “the mouth” because some of her jokes offend people and she doesn’t think before she speaks. But that is why Lara loves her. Molly’s not afraid of anyone and will always speak her mind. She is very straight up and honest. Molly is nothing like Lara. Molly has a very large figure and wears a size 14. She is very short and has short brown hair. Molly faces the same problem as Lara except she has been facing weight problems her whole life. She deals with bullies

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