"Life's Greatest Miracle" Essay

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Page 1 Child Growth and Development: "Life's Greatest Miracle" Paragraph In the video Life's Greatest Miracle, I was informed about how children are conceived, how they develop in the mothers body, and how amazing child birth can be. In the beginning it takes you through the steps of how sperm travels as for looking for an egg to fertilize. Although, in just one teaspoon of sperm there can be over 300 million sperm cells, only around 40% of them are usable. The other 60% can be deformed such as having two tales. The sperm can reach the Fallopian tube within 30 minutes, but it can be a 2 day swim just for sperm to reach an accepting egg. After the sperm that was strong enough to make it through the rough travel have met up with an egg, they…show more content…
This is what potentially creates the baby. After 3 weeks of being fertilized, the embryo is less than 1/10 of an inch. The heart of the baby is now beating. At 4 weeks it is about 1/5 of an inch long. It now has a tale that is its back bone that will disappear in a few weeks. Genes are being turned on and cells are able to talk through chemical messages. 18 weeks after being fertilized, the baby is able to be viewed through an ultra sound and in some cases, able to determine the sex of the baby. The embryo is enabled with two sets of gonads and two sets of tubes which is what can make the baby either a male or female. One pair of chromosomes determines which sex that baby will be. After 29 weeks, it is now a fetus and just over an inch long. The fetus heart beats about twice as many times as an adult heart. There is a 50% increase in blood supply for the mother. Now the mother is ready to give birth. Human births are actually more dangerous than any other mammal. The baby preforms many contortions to fit through the mother's opening and if not able to be born through vaginal birth, the mother will undergo a "C" section. After nine months of carrying another human being inside her stomach and going through labor and painful child birth, the mother is blessed with a beautiful child.

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