Lifespan Assessment Of A Middle Adult

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Lifespan of A.Z. This report is a lifespan assessment of a middle adult, A.Z., on Saturday, March 7, 2015. An Alverno College nursing student interviewed A.Z. and then applied Gordon’s Function Health Patterns tool in order to gain a better understanding of the lifespan and interviewing process. The interview took place at A.Z.’s home and lasted approximately two hours. Developmental Stage Erikson’s’ Generativity vs Stagnation stage is depicted by A.Z.’s mindful attitude towards others. Erikson’s Generativity vs Stagnation stage states between the ages of 40 and 65 people become caring as they settle down, establish careers, start their own family, and start to give back to their community. If this stage is completed successfully, the person will develop generativity, a sense of caring, productiveness, and creativity. If unsuccessfully completed, the person develops stagnation, a sense of selfishness. This stage is applicable to A.Z. because she is 44 years old, preparing herself to establish a new career by continuing her education to become an R.N, and helping care for her several young grandchildren (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns use 11 interdependent patterns of behavior to gather and classify data obtained during the assessment of an individual, family, or community The 11 patterns include: Health-Perception-Health Management, Nutritional-Metabolic, Elimination, Activity-Exercise, Sleep-Rest,
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