Lifetime Employability Research Paper

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Ethics and Morals for Lifetime Employability No matter the profession an individual chooses, it is important to understand that every day they will conduct activities and projects and require actions that involve ethics and making ethical decisions. A paralegal working in family law will make ethical decisions every day the same as a healthcare worker will look at their own ethics to take care of patients. While the professions are different, the concept of ethics and professional, moral decisions can be utilized for both in order to make the best decision for clients, patients, and themselves.
Ethics and Critical Thinking Using concepts of ethics and ethical behaviors is essential for critical thinking. Without adequate critical thinking …show more content…

Etiquette is the proper way to conduct form and manners that are acceptable and required in social and professional relations. Three crucial elements of etiquette are timeliness, empathy, and respect. These elements are necessary in personal and professional life. Timeliness effects everyone; whether it is waiting to see your attorney or your doctor, many people get irritated when wait times are long, and it is equally disrespectful to be consistently late to appointments, meetings, or social gatherings. Time is important to everyone, and should be treated as such. Respect and empathy go farther than most professionals realize. It is essential to understand, or try to, others feelings, attitudes, and emotions and treat others as you would want to be …show more content…

This could include a checklist of all necessary duties involved for each procedure for a healthcare worker or calendaring systems for a paralegal. It is essential to make certain no details are missed so the highest level of professionalism is maintained for all clients, patients, employees, and supervisors benefits. While it would seem sometimes appropriate to cut corners to save time, it is more important to thoroughly complete tasks. After all, it would take more time to back-track and fix mistakes than it would to complete it appropriately in the first

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