Light And Darkness Analysis

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Light and Darkness
In John’s gospel, it talks about how light represents the good and darkness represents the evil. It also talks how the light will take over the darkness no matter what. Sometimes it hard to tell what is the light. For example, in John 3:19-21, it talks about if someone believes the darkness. Their work will be evil and nonexistent. If someone believes in the light, their work can be seen to God. It's talking about people’s personality how if someone is evil or believe in the darkness. Their faith will be evil and God won't see any good of that person’s faith. If someone is good or believe in the light, God will see the good things that they do for others because they have a lot of faith.
Choosing Jesus or Rejecting Jesus
In John 1:19-23, it talks about how John had to prove himself that he is the light. He told the Jews that he was the voice of one crying out in the desert. Some people do believe and some people don't believe him. In John 1:29-34, John didn't believe Jesus was the son of God, but he believed there was someone is ranked higher than him. He didn't think it was Jesus. Until, Jesus said he saw the Spirit coming down. Another example is in John 6:60-71, a lot of Jesus’s disciples didn't accept Jesus so those disciples return back to their life. Even Jesus knew they didn't believe in him from the start. Only Simon Peter believe in Jesus because Jesus has the guidance to eternal life so he stayed with Jesus.

Physical Life vs. Spiritual Life

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