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Paradise Lost
Light Association, Shaping Our Understanding

Altering an audience's opinion is a struggle that many writers face; it is always possible, however, to unite the reader with the speaker's position. In Paradise Lost by John Milton, the author attempted to persuade his readers into thinking that the theme of obedience to God will keep you in a blissful state and disobedience will keep you in a wretched state by the use of light in his books. God is associated with a radiant white light; while on the other hand, Satan is affiliated with a dark shady black. With this use of this contrast of symbolism of light and dark, there is a clear distinction that light is righteousness and more desired than the darkness, which is …show more content…

Notice how Milton uses the word "fair" to describe the light. His audience gets a tranquil feeling one in which any one would like to submit themselves to in order to achieve. Security is hard to get in the world people live in but in the heavenly light it makes you calm and peaceful. That is the message stated here. The luminescence beam of light is intoxicating and draws its reader towards this image of heaven. Milton knowing his audience is predominantly Christian, he can indulge their interest knowing very well of their desires for God. The divine light can be represented in the story of Moses when God spoke to him as a burning bush. Light is one of the greatest religious symbols a person can use because of its wide range of meanings, such as, truth, goodness, heaven, etc. For the quote above the reader can determine that light intensity can determine reverence towards God. Moreover, the light can be viewed as something spiritual which for his audience could have related more to. For example, Milton wrote, "Heav'n, this our delight; how wearisom Eternity so spent in worship paid" [2.245]. Heaven has a radiant shine and makes people feel comfortable yearning for this goal. This light is a healing and a craving for people to work for. Knowing this, Milton further trys to expand that God is the good guy by using the word "delight." This word choice has a deep impact on the reader by telling them what they think is good

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