Light Skin Vs Dark Skin Research Paper

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In the African American community there has been a battle going on for decades, the battle of light skin verses dark skin. One may think, how can there be division within a race. As W.E.B. DuBois stated, the problem is the color line. During the time of slavery, blacks were separated and treated differently because of the shade of their skin. People of the darker skin had the harder jobs as working in the fields, while people of the lighter skin worked under white people, being a house negro. By the separating people because of the pigment of their skin has cased tension and self-hate within the African American community.
People in the black community try to separate from each other by their physical features; by having a loser curl patter, or “good” hair, thinner lips, a button nose, and most famous, claiming that they are mixed with American Indian. Lately there has been the rise of team dark skin and team light skin, which leads to a greater divide in the community rather than creating unity. To add, there is also a divide between dark skin
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African American’s natural hair is coarse and have a tighter curl pattern than people of other races. To be accepted by society, black woman have altered their looks by relaxing their hair with chemicals that are harmful to their scalp. Although people have the right to alter their hair if they chose, I decided I did not want to conform, but to celebrate my differences.
The idea of the color line and colortocracy created by DuBois is still prevalent in the year of 2016. Unfortunately, people in the African American community are separating from each other by the shade of their skin. People of the lighter skin believe they are closer to the majority and are superior to people of the darker skin. It is unfortunate that African Americans cannot take pride in their natural features, but rather try to conform to the majority idea of
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