Lightning Thief Heroes

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Being a hero isn't all about fighting monsters. In the novel The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, we watch as a 12-year-old boy named Percy Jackson has his world thrown upside down when he finds out he's part god. Everything rides on him, the son of Poseidon, to find the answer that will stop the war that brews between the gods. Heroes meet monsters, suffer from wounds, have remarkable ancestry, have a loyal band of companions, and wield a weapon only they can control. Most heroes are best known for their battles against monstrous beings. Percy is on his way to camp Half-Blood with his mother and best friend, Grover, when they are stopped in their tracks. Their car has mysteriously crashed into a ditch with no explanation, until a dark figure lumbers towards them. "Glancing back, I got my first clear look at the monster. He was seven feet tall, easy, his arms and legs like something from the cover of Muscle Man magazine—bulging biceps and triceps and a bunch of other 'ceps, all stuffed like baseballs under vein-webbed skin." (Riordan 50) Without any warning Percy meets an enormous monster that he has to battle. He has to …show more content…

During Capture the Flag at Camp Half-Blood, Percy is chosen by the Athenian team who have many quick witted fighters. This places Percy against the children of Ares, the biggest and meanest kids in Camp Half-Blood. "Her spear stuck me straight in the ribs. If I hadn't been wearing an armored breastplate, I would've been shish-ke-babbed. As it was, the electric point just about shocked my teeth out of my mouth. One of her cabinmates slashed his sword across my arm, leaving a goodsize cut." (Riordan 121) During Capture the Flag, Percy suffers injuries from a spear and sword. By stepping in front of the danger he sacrificed his well being for his team. During battle many heroes become injured but the strength from their ancestry pulls them

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