Like Water For Chocolate Character Analysis

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In Like Water for Chocolate, the main protagonist, Tita sacrifices her love for a man because of her values and wanting to honor them. Throughout the novel, her values are scattered throughout the book and you have to learn them one by one. Tita’s values consist of her cooking, nurturing, and family traditions. Sacrifice plays a big role in Like Water for Chocolate. Values and standards play an even bigger role.

Tita surrenders her love for her the value of family and in doing so, she begins to put a greater value into her cooking. For instance, in the writing, it states that “Soups can cure any illness, whether physical or mental. (7, 410)” This quote was embedded to show that the meal could help cure Tita even in her darkest
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She likes to nurture because she wants to help someone find happiness because she can’t find any for herself. “ he couldn’t help closing his eyes in voluptuous delight and exclaiming: ‘It is a dish for the gods!’” (51) One of tita’s techniques for nurturing others is to provide for them, to feed them, to make them feel warm inside. Nurturing is one of Titas values because it allows her to help people, find joy, and make them feel good inside. Her mindset of nurturing shows who tita’s real character is.

One of Tita's last values are her family traditions. "First work, then do as you please, except crying, do you hear?" (5, 352) This tradition in the family is that everybody works no matter what the occurrence is and if you don’t there will be unavoidable consequences. In this household, you can see that theses people is raised to be hardworking housewives with no life. "Perhaps Nacha only heard what everyone else was afraid to say." (1, 58) In this quote you begin to get an understanding that this household does not speak out of turn or in a disrespectful way. That is why throughout this narrative, Tita is shown holding her tongue and not expressing how she really feels in some situations. Finally, one of the last traditions that are highlighted throughout the fiction is that Tita is the youngest sibling. "You know perfectly well that being the youngest daughter means you have to take
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