Lincoln Desert Mission Food Bank

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Spring 2013: John C. Lincoln Desert Mission Food Bank

During the time I spent volunteering at John C. Lincoln’s Food Bank, I was able to provide food, individual hygiene items, and infant supplies to families struggling to obtain these critical items for their families. When I first arrived at the food bank, I spent time constructing care packages with soap, toothbrushes, personal wipes, and other essential items for health care. Later in the day, I had the unique opportunity to assist with the simulated grocery store within the food bank. The structure of the store allowed individuals receiving food to feel as though they were actively participating instead of passively accepting food and feeling helpless. Overall, I was able to instill a sense of self-efficiency in individuals who were struggling to provide for their families while personally interacting and sharing my time in a meaningful way.

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Received the President’s Scholarship at Grand Canyon University for maintaining a GPA above 3.6.
Included in the President 's Honor List at Paradise Valley Community College in December 2014 for achieving outstanding academic accomplishments throughout the semester.

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