Lincoln On Leadership By Donald T. Phillips

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Introduction: The book; Lincoln on Leadership, by Donald T. Phillips, is a case study into the leadership principles and practices of arguably one of the world’s greatest leaders. Abraham Lincoln was a man with principles, ethics, decisiveness and vision. He inspired greatness in those around him. It is often said of Lincoln that he was the perfect man put in the perfect position to complete the improbable task of maintaining the union that was and is, the United States of America. In his book, Phillips delves into the leadership qualities embodied by Lincoln and explores Lincoln’s own leadership style as it related to both his early career as a lawyer and later, into Lincoln’s political life. Through his research into this book, Phillips relates how Lincoln developed strategies for management based upon his own early lessons in life. Phillips then demonstrates how Lincoln used this knowledge to not only convince the public he was the right man to lead the nation as president, but also to win the Civil War. Lincoln displayed numerous qualities of leadership that are still taught to executives and students of leadership to this day. Phillips breaks those attributes into what he calls “Lincoln Principals” (Phillips 1993; p. xiii). What follows is my analysis of several of these principals, as viewed through my personal leadership experiences; my personal interactions with leaders I admire in my agency; and, current contemporary situations in policing and within my
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