Lindbergh Case Study

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The Lindbergh Case was one in which the whole world seemed to be following in 1932. Charles Jr. was so easily swept away from his room and family in the middle of the night with little clues to tell what and how it happened. This meant the involvement of the Criminal Justice System was needed to try and find out who had taken their baby. These components include the Police, Court, and eventually Corrections. Starting with the Police, or the detectives on the scene of the abduction. For this particular incident there was involvement with New Jersey Police, New York Police, and the F.B.I which at times caused some confusion. The detectives on the scene found little evidence initially, this included a Ransom note and a broken ladder with some footprints outside the house. Once reading the ransom note they found that it was written in a very childish tone and a lot was misspelled. The Lindbergh family received many other Ransom notes in time and found out that it was clear the abductor had planned this for a long time. Detectives working the case also had to look into all possible suspects in the kidnapping, It started with the family members themselves in which they had to take in all aspects, including Anne Lindbergh's' sister Elizabeth who was seen as physically and mentally ill. Next the three staff members of the estate were looked into with great detail, including Betty Gow who was the last to see Charles Jr. In his room, because of this her boyfriend was looked into

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