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DNCE131: Exam 1 Study Guide
FALL 2013: Professor Flickinger
1. Copeland and Cohen. “What is Dance?” pg 1
-Understand the three basic art theories being discussed
-Aristotle is responsible for what part of Western Storytelling/Narrative
-Focus on the arguments of Martin, Levinson, Goodman, & Sparshott
2. Sklar. “Five Premises for a Culturally Sensitive Approach to Dance” pg 30
-Understand the five premises and their importance to discussing dance cross culturally
-Be able to define Empathic Kinesthetic Perception
3. Dils and Albright. “Looking at World Dance” Pg 92
-Understand the three basic tenants/questions of the article
4. Kealiinohomoku. “An Anthropologist Looks at Ballet as a Form of Ethnic Dance” Pg 533
-Know that it is
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Contemporary Grass Dance
-Movement done in how many directions? How many times?
-Be able to describe their regalia
! Jingle Dance
-Women only
-Prayer for what?
-What were the dancers not allowed to eat for a year?
-Traditional and contemporary: how many cones? What are they traditional made of? What else do the cones represent (think sound)?
7. Kaeppler. “Hula Pahu: Hawaiian Drum Dances”
-know the terms outlined in class
-Know Kaona and its relationship to Hula
-Ha’a and Hula belonged to which “realms” Page 22 & which is sacred v nonsacred?
-3 categories of “formalized movement” examples pg 8-9
-Know the 3 mele’s

-Terms: Mele, Heiau, Pahu, Noa, who is Laka & Pele
-Bent-knee stance and the discussion about how this movement reflects cultural connection. How do the genders interpret this style (remember the Merrie Monarch Video clips)?
-Who is King Kal!kaua and why is he important in out discussions
8. Welsh Asante. “Commonalities in African Dance: An Aesthetic Foundation” Pg 144
-Understand the 7 commonalities and the tradition – both as they were discussed in class and as the text illustrates and expands the simplified explanations we discussed
9. Dixon Gottschild. “First Premises of an Africanist Aesthetic” Pg 11
-Understand the five characteristics she explains as the African Aesthetic in Western Concert Dance
10. Haskins. “Black Dance in America: Chapter 1 ‘Dancing the Slaves,’ Chapter 2 from

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