Link between Sports and Academics

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A recent study conducted in 2012 regarding the highest rates of obesity in the world found that the UAE is actually ranked 5th (Saberi, 2012).This is due to several factors, mainly including the lack of support for sports programs operating in educational intuitions by the UAE community, including the government and parents. This lack of support may arise out of some people’s perceptions that the time and energy spent on sports should be invested in other activities such as studying. However, these perceptions will be proven to be invalid.On the other hand, playing sports on a daily basis is proven to be a vital component of having a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind. It also reduces obesity and diabetes and teaches the skills of time management along with using every second of your day wisely. Due to such advantages and lack of valid reasons the community should work together towards a healthy educated country by making physical education classes in schools and universities mandatory and encouraging students to be athletes.
First, physical activity reduces chances of health problems and increases proper brain functioning. In fact, a recent survey, which was made by the local government, indicates that students who participate in physical fitness programs or any kind of annual sport meet are found to be physically and mentally active. Hence, they are often more able to concentrate on their educational work and found to be doing much better in the standardized test. This
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