Linux Is A Computer Operating System

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Linux is everywhere. From your mobile phone to the laptop, desktop, servers, super computers, even the important role. There is a special need to know about. Keeping in mind the requirements and requests for a lot of the decision will discuss the details of Linux.
What Computer Operating System, or OS

Linux is a computer Operating System with the details before you need to have a basic knowledge. We have a post before about computer operating system, if you can read the post. Top 9 Operating Systems and Mobile Operating Systems User Friendly
But I never thought that computers do not believe in you or how it works. We just went with the task of computer and computer instead of completing our task without end. But every act of your command …show more content…

All the details of the operating system has completed its specific application in order to work more closely. Hopefully this example has a clear idea about computer operating system.
Why was the Operating System Need

Surely by now you 've realized how important that role is the computer operating system. Excogitate the Windows operating system on the same computer does not have any operating system. The computer was called into the Micro Computers or Micros. Each time the machine is used to separate different basic methods of their own. The program did not have any similarity with any other program. If you were to create a computer game for any game developer to another computer, but it was totally unemployed. Since it was separate from one computer to another computer language, so it was absolutely impossible to establish the relationship between them. At that time, CP/M operating system called the problem was eliminated. Micro Computers When the CP/M started to use the same program, they are able to run on all computers. And a separate computer program written by the developers in a separate CP/M began to write for the program. Technology and computing innovation came.
But in the 1980s, when an organization called the IBM Personal Computer mesinera for his intense popular CP/M can not claim they are unable to buy it. As a result, one of the great talents of the young man, "Bill Gates" as an alternative began to write his own

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