List 3 stages Addiction

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Addiction, to a layman, is an insane attraction or out of control (being hooked) towards a substance, event, person or an activity in an attempt to escape or avoid emptiness, meaningless, monotonous, boredom, loneliness etc, etc in life. Something that normal people found impossible to understand or comprehend. Advice (gentle or harsh), scolding and even beating would not deter them.
Types of addiction:
Substance addictions e.g. heroin, nicotine, alcohol
Behavioral additions e.g. gambling, sex, eating, relationships, work, compulsive physical exercise, internet/tv, shopping, etc

Basically, they are divided into functional and dysfunctional type. Below discussions focused on the dysfunctional like drug, alcohol and …show more content…

The addict starts to act out his belief system in a ritualistic manner and his behavior is more out of control.
Because the addict must make emotional sense to himself of the inappropriate behaviour, he turns to denial, repression, lies, rationalizations, and other defences to cope with what is happening. When the addict acts out, he must withdraw into his addictive personality to receive support. He started to isolate himself from others and the loneliness becomes another signal to act out (more alcohol or drugs). This vicious cycle serves to strengthen the addictive process. The behaviour becomes more ritualised. As the addict becomes more controlled by the process, those people around the addict sense his emotional withdrawal and react to it. This is the start of people problems, as the addict manipulates people and treats them as objects. The next thing that happens is for the people around the addict to label him as irresponsible, troubled, tense, crazy, or strange. Stage two, includes the development of tolerance (not able to escape the pain).
Not only the addict is avoiding people now, if possible, people around him also wanted to avoid him because of the many intolerable issues like lies and stealing that the addicts bring forth in the family, neighbourhood or workplace if he is still employable . Relationship starts to dwindle and causes confusion and resentment not only with the addicts but among other family members too.
Because of

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