Drug Trafficking Outline Essay

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What is your thesis statement?
Drug trafficking has played a huge role on many people's lives. It is believed to be stimulated by their environments, peers, upbringings and psychological factors.
I. Introduction II. First main point-Drug trafficking impacts the lives of people of all ages. A. Supporting details-Drug trafficking influences and impacts the lives of people at a very young age. 1. Sub details-Teens and children are influenced to enter the world of drug trafficking by being lured into the fact that they will make a lot of money which in the drug trafficking business there is no such thing since there is either very little pay to no pay whatsoever. 2. Sub details-Young people normally cannot escape
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2. Sub details-In some cases those who are smugglers all begin by taking drugs and the reason they might have taken it is because they in some type of way felt pressured by their so called “friends”. IV. Third main point-Psychological factors can really take a toll on someone’s life these factors can be caused by addiction which can lead someone to be a smuggler. A. Supporting details-People who are addicted have no control over what they are doing, taking, or using. 1. Sub details-Addiction many times reaches a point in which addicts are not only harmful to themselves but others around them as well. 2. Sub details-When someone is addicted to something they become so dependent on it that they may be willing to do anything and everything to use to be able to cope with everyday life. B. Supporting details-Addiction may cause many different types of disorders. 1. Sub details-One common disorder is bipolar disorder which is when the addicts may go through various emotions in a short period of time since they soon forget who they really are. 2. Sub details-Another common disorder is anxiety which is when the addicts become very