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IGN (In Game Name): pceoutgirlscout My past igns are found at:


UTC +2:00.

Bulgaria, Plovdiv.

Do you have a good quality mic:
Yes, i do i have a logitech G230.

Do you have Telegram & Teamspeak?:
Yes i do.

How many hours can you put in the server per week:
I put at least 20 hours per week.


Monday: 1:30pm-10pm

Tuesday: 1:30pm-10pm

Wednesday: 1:30pm-10pm

Thursday: 1:30pm-10pm

Friday: 3pm-12am

Saturday: 11am-1am

Sunday: 12am-11pm

Any previous punishments on Faithful?:
No but i have been screen shared several times.

Any past experiences in being a staff member:
Yes i have i have co-owned servers back in the day and there was 20-40 people on regularly. …show more content…

And If i do have the chance to become staff i would totally record for mine and the servers benefit. And i do have knowledge with the commands/rules. And i have tons of fun on the server as a regular player and i think if i do get staff i will have even more with helping people! And so i can make my fellow staff teams job even easier if i do get in. And i want to become staff so i can help this server with alot.

Why should we accept you as staff?:
Well i feel i am a very skilled, knowledgeable staff. And i do have the talent to speak multiple languages so i would feel like a 2in1. And i do love to help people and i would love to make the Faithful MC community better and better as we progress. And i am not clueless about commands i do know how they function and when they need to be functioned. And i do have the ability to record when needed and i do feel i will be a great addition to the staff team. And i am very friendly towards the staff team.

Maturity- I am very mature but in some cases i can be weird but when it comes to contacting other players i will be straightforward and as serious as possible with them.

Respect- I have lot of respect for the fellow staff team as they work and grind for the server day by day and i feel that is great and if i have the chance to do the same will be amazing! I have a respect for everyone

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