List Of My Values Could Be Part Company Essay

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List of my values could be part company would be: • Maximise profit – Reduce mistake and accompanying cost & improving productivity, • Effective communication • Effectively reduce use of resources - Reduce the cost of operation • Achieve organisation vision and strategic management • Efficiency – Quick – time saving, extra resource, creating up to date information for report and management decision making, be critical on every task that’s being carried out. • Problem Solving – Customer satisfaction: add into to database and try to resolve issues before they turn into problems When considering a values, they are intangible things that are really important to each and every person, sometime even guide us, individually to make a firm decision in our life. Each person has different set of values, moral and ethics in their life. They could bring those value to the organisation they would be working for. As a result, they would be handling the situation differently than rest of the people. In my opinion I can able to categories my top 5 values that I could bring to Ceylon Trading Private Limited such as effective communication, efficiency, high intensity to achieve organisation vision and strategic management, maximise organisation profit and reduce cost of operation by trying out different options. At the same time my values are motivation to complete given task, fresh new ideas and information, workload task performance and generate profit for the company. List of my

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