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I will be speaking about my personal values the ground rules and where and how they fit in with my decision making. The influences I received and who the players were which helped me shape my values. The criteria and the decision making factors and how I revised them. I will be speaking on the impact which values has played on my performance in the workplace and in what ways the impact has had on my personal and professional life in today’s society. I will also speak on what I decided to do for myself when making a decision on my career pertaining to going back to school and the support I received when deciding to do so. Never let money be the determining factor when making decision pertaining to values. What My Values Are First I would…show more content…
An example to what is being said is about 6 year ago the department I was working in had to be downsized and I was affected by the change. I was given the choice to either take a package the company was giving or to go work in another area and I choose to stay with the company. The downside of the situation was I had to take a pay cut of $5 and I choose to do this for several reasons. I did not have an education and good benefits mean more to me than making money and the decision hurt because of the money situation but if I had to do it again I would make the same decision. Ground Rules According to ( Maiese 2004) ground rules are rules which normally set up prior to meeting with the group or an individual with someone else being mediation in the meeting. The mediator makes sure everything is done according to the agenda. Before the meeting takes place all parties agree on rules set forth. The meeting can pertain to projects, organizations, group decision making and for media or constituents and for the use of data and technical information. In my present job I have been working in team setting now for about a year or more and prior to meeting the team have an agenda he or she goes by and basically the team has to stick to it at every meeting. The People Who

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