Literacy Is Important And High Impact On The Core Subjects

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Literacy has been shown to have an important and high impact on the core subjects. Literacy strategies are essential for teachers to use in the classroom. Students need a variety of literacy strategies in order for them to truly learn, understand, and apply the subject content. There has been countless research done on the impact that literacy has on the core subjects in elementary school, such as mathematics, science, and social studies. These studies range in perspectives by either focusing on the positives, the negatives, or both the positives and the negatives of the literacy in these content areas. There have also been research studies conducted on a variety of literacy strategies and how they impact classroom instruction in certain subject areas. These research studies led me to conduct my own research on the effect that literacy has on the core subjects, mathematics, science, and social studies. I conducted a qualitative observational research study in three classroom that where third, fourth, and fifth grade. I observed the three research participants twice a month over a two month period. I observed that each of the participants, regardless of teaching different grades, used some form of literacy in their lessons across the curriculum. In the third grade classroom, the participate had more of an emphasis on using trade books and various writing assignment, such as RAFT and journal entries. In the fourth grade classroom, there was still some usage of trade books but
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