Literary Analysis : ' Epiphanies '

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Epiphanies have been around in literature for quite a long time. When a character comes to a sudden realization that they had not been able to see previously is known as an epiphany. Most people like to call these “AHA” moments, in both literature and real life. One could say that these two words are synonymous with one another. When a character becomes aware of the situation or circumstance they are in, it brings a sort of satisfaction to the reader. Short stories, novels, poems, almost any part of written language can and do include characters with epiphanies. Several of the works we have read thus far have included characters that have an opportunity to transform from their realizations. Characters experiencing epiphanies is a cliché that is cemented in literature and will not be going away anytime soon. In fact, epiphanies do not just happen in literature; they can happen in everyday life. Something as simple as remembering to let the dog back inside to something as drastic as transferring careers could be considered epiphanies. I have experienced many epiphanies throughout my life, but none greater than deciding to teach abroad after graduation. When I first began my schooling here at Northwest Missouri State University, I was a biology/psychology major with the intention of going to medical school. From there, I would become a certified speech therapist. Quickly, I realized that I was not happy with my classes, and did not get excited when I was talking about my

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