Literary Analysis Of Alice Munro 's ' How I Met My Husband '

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Literary Analysis – Edie and Alice Munro’s Life Alice Munro’s short story, “How I Met My Husband” has a narrator that is one of a kind and a true reflection of the author’s lifestyle. The symbolic meaning of Edie’s role in the story can be directly related to the life Alice Munro was living and striving for herself. Edie is a 15-year-old girl who strives for marriage and affection from men, has been raised in a country/rural setting, and does poorly in obtaining a higher education due to many reasons. Just as Edie is living out this way of life in the story, Alice Munro was experiencing the same things in her real day-to-day life.
The drive for marriage and affection from men was a desire that both Edie and Munro strived for in their life. Even though at 15, Edie was not truly capable of understanding what true love really was she knew that somebody could give it to her regardless. In the scene where she is scoping out Mrs. Peebles’s clothes she sees dresses but then states, “I was disappointed to see no wedding dress. But there was one long dress I could just see the skirt of, and I was hungering to see the rest of it” (Kennedy 205). If she had had the opportunity to try on Mrs. Peebles’s wedding dress she would’ve had an even stronger urge and desire to find that man who could give her love. Most girls have that desire deep down within them to find that special somebody, however it is even more evident in young Edie and in the life of Alice Munro. Munro was much more…
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