Analysis Of Alice Munro 's ' How I Met My Husband '

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“How I Met My Husband” by Alice Munro is a short story about Edie, a fifteenth year old girl, who works at Dr. Peebles and Mrs.Peebles house taking care of their children, cleaning the house, preparing the vegetables and occasionally baking desserts. One day they heard a plane pass by, and they ran into the yard to look. Their neighbor Loretta Bird mentioned that the plane was close to hitting their house and began to talk about the plane. She also specified that the pilot received permission to use the fairgrounds and give residents rides to see the neighborhood from above. The next day when Edie finished her tasks early, she sometimes would look at Mrs. Peebles’ clothes and even tried on a dress and put makeup on. She headed to the kitchen to drink ginger ale and gets startled by a man, named Chris Watters, standing outside the door. He mentions he 's the pilot of the plane and asks if he can obtain some water from the pump. He complimented and thanked her and left to the pump. After she rushed to take off the dress and wash her face before Mrs. Peebles arrived to the house. Mrs. Peebles commenced to ask questions about the man, but Edie contemplated on becoming fired if the man revealed how she dressed. After the Dr. and Mrs. Peebles departed to the theater, Edie ensured the children were sleeping then headed outside. She desired to talk to Chris to make sure he wouldn 't say anything about her dressed up. He assured he wouldn 't reveal anything and offered her a

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