Literary Analysis Of Sonnet 71, By Pablo Neruda

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Everyone in the world has heard the phrase “that little thing called love.” It’s a simple word; no difficult spelling, no complex pronunciation. It’s such a basic, easy to say word. It should have a brief definition. But love is not small, It is not simple. It is not the easiest to understand love. This complexity of love is expressed when writer Pablo Neruda describes “A planet entwined with vistas and foliage, a plain, a rock, hard and unoccupied; we wanted to build a strong nest”
Pablo Neruda was a very talented poet that focused mainly on the idea of love. Sonnet 71 was written thirty-five years after Neruda’s first poem. They are written to Neruda’s third wife, Matilde Urrutia. The poem Sonnet 71 speaks beautifully of love and nature, and is famous for its fluency in the language of love.
The Speaker of the poem speaks of the journey to find your one true love, and how it is long and hard. When you are in love, you wish that you could just be in a place of complete peace, and that nothing you do can affect the love between you and your significant other.
In the first stanza, the narrator explains that the feeling of love can be felt towards more than one person, but with each love comes an ending of grief. The end of love can end with tears, but nobody can escape their heart’s journey to find their soul mate. The second stanza mentions the need to hold onto the feeling of love between two people. The narrator says that the two loves searched for a place “where sorrows

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