Literary Criticism Of Margaret Atwood

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Margaret Atwood is evenly concerned with encouraging a discrete Canadian literary identity. In her novels, Atwood naturally creates women characters who are strained to rebuild themselves in a more self-contained and audacious figure as they seek out to set up their relationship to the world and to the individuals around them. Atwood’s dissections of contemporary urban life and sexual politics have been chiefly welcomed by feminists. She is no less concerned in setting up what it means to be Canadian, centering her stories in Canadian cities, conflicts and contemporary people. Her writings are such which insists on Canadians to focus on and value their own experience. Atwood’s fiction is often symbolic and she moves easily between satire, fantasy …show more content…

The social dimensions of Atwood’s fiction are always underpinned and sometimes destabilized by representations of individual behaviour.
If a particular era of literature is taken into account, there will be many writers who have lived in the same age and have contributed to the society through their writings. Likewise, the contemporary writers of Margaret Atwood, who have also lived during the age when Atwood has resided and also who have continued their journey together at the same time and influenced each other through their writings.
Kathleen Margaret Pearson who is also called as ‘Kit’ Pearson is a Canadian children’s novelist. She is the writer who finds inspiration from people around her through their actions and conversations. While developing characters, storylines and settings for her work, she looks into her own childhood and takes inspiration from that. Many of her novels are set in British Columbia because of spending her childhood there. Her famous work is Guests of War Trilogy. The story of the novel revolves around two English children and talks about the adventures that they take when they are sent to Canada for safety during the

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