Literature And Dalit Literature

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Literature is written to inspire and influence the readers. Usually literature records the thoughts of great mind. Literature attracts the readers in two ways; one is through its matter and another through its manner. To be specific, through its matter, literature attracts the reader and is interesting for him in some way or the other. It can also be said that it provides him pleasure and joy. But through its manner, literature is not only pleasing to the reader but also something that provides him the plethora of knowledge. Literature and society goes hand in hand or they are interconnected. Literature influences the society in many ways and literature mirrors whatever Whenever a person reads a piece of literature, he can relate himself to…show more content…
The face of literature has completely changed in the present time. Literature was considered as a broad entity but literature has developed into various branches lately. For example, Dalit literature is literature written by Dalits about their lives. Dalit literature forms an imperative and distinct part of Indian literature. African-American literature is another literature which is produced in United States by writers of African descent. Not only these two, but many literatures like Australian Literature, African literature, Canadian literature, Caribbean literature, Comparative literature etc., have achieved their place in the list of famous literatures in the world. People have gained knowledge and have attained a responsibility on producing literatures that talks about their own country, language, its culture, its customs, its beliefs and above all that, about its history and roots. Among all these literatures, the one literature that has made an immense effort to gain its prominence is Canadian literature. This literature has worked so hard to influence the society as well as world and also to make the country proud. Canadian writers are very talented and have the passion for writing and have been constantly functioning firmly to make a change in the world through their
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